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NGO Products RABIAH is a social enterprise that sells coconut products procured directly from the farmers’ societies of Kerala and Gujarat, India. The inception of this venture was driven by the idea of delivering healthy food to consumers to help prevent common diseases such as diabetes, thyroid, constipation, and even cancer. Nitin Goyal started the venture in Sept 2013 with coconut products, a line called RABIAH. His initial investment was Rs.6,000 (less than 100$US). From the start,RABIAH worked directly with farmers' societies, small local NGOs that support farmers, and farmers’ producer companies. We are aspired to mainstream healthy, highly nutritious food by placing small holder farmers at the center of the food system, ensuring transparent intermediary, keeping the cost of our products as low as permitted by the market competition. We educate people about the purity of health beneficial products and make sure to deliver them to the market at affordable price.

Our story begins with passion of delivering food that can prevent chronic disease. We started with coconut products after having conducted research on health benefits of various products. We first ordering some coconut products for personal use. We were surprised to find out that expensive brand names did not translate into good quality. We set the goal to deliver pure quality products to ordinary people without taking advantage of the organic food market that often caters to the elite. Not only do we test all the products before introduction to the market, we also suggest added value products ideas to the farmers’ societies to sustain the expansion of coconut products on the market.

We take pride in creating a self-brand market of coconut products by educating people about healthy life-style and health benefits of coconut products to treat diabetes, thyroid, hair fall, joint pains, constipation, arthritis, etc. We believe that chronic diseases are outcomes of stressful life-styles and broken food systems, namely unavailability of affordable, good quality healthynutritious food. We created the market in the North and South of Indiausing networks of health professionals, yoga teachers and dieticians and micro-entrepreneurs. We popularized coconut products by introducing new added value products in partnership with farmers’ societies.From the very start, we got recognized by the Coconut Development Board (Min. of Agriculture) for the excellence of the quality of our products, innovation of marketing strategies and variety of added value coconut products, as well as support to the farmers. On par with the Coconut Development board efforts of building farmers’ associations, RABIAH supported emerging societies of Kerala State, India, by connecting them to the market.


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