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Why do we consider RABIAH to be different from the mainstream small businesses? It is a social enterprise, therefore, serving consumers and producers is our main objective. As a business model, our four-year experience showed that with perseverance, hard work and trust in the good work, even a social venture can gradually become financially sustainable. We do not strive to go big commercially or internationally.

Our goals are to identify and deliversafe and healthy foods from farmers to average person, in an efficient, transparent manner. Meanwhile we view farmers at the center of food systems, try to fulfill their needs and help realize their higher dreams for their families and communities.

The quality of our products speaks for itself. We do not invest big expenditure in marketing and branding. We build clientele by simply offering the purest products delivered straight from the source. Our operational costs are minimal as we use direct consumer sales approach which allows us to keep prices low. Wework primarily with small and medium businesses, and empower micro-entrepreneurs. We do not opt for commercial bulk distributors on a large scale.

In fall 2017 we are to launch a new venture to increase our impact on small holder farmers through broadening the scope of products, hence communities, and start closer engagement on the ground in strategically chosen 5 Indian states. Our larger vision is to become a community development implementing entity. To begin, we focus on Food Security and Nutrition, and Sustainable Agriculture. We envision interventions like Sanitation, Health and nutrition, Water management be integrated in our programs. We target eco-friendly grown staple crops, added value foods, and artisan products. Please contact us for collaboration.
We are proud of our achievements : -
- Facilitated formation, supporting with capacity building and ensuring access to the market to 15 coconut farmers producer companies in Kerala
- Created a self-brand market for coconut products, particularly in the areas of India where coconut health benefits were unheard of
- Introduced with the help of farmers societies’ dozens of value added food products, handicrafts and cosmetics
- Empowered 10 micro-entrepreneurs through distribution, with the emphasis on women, provided training on marketing and promotion
- Turned down multiple offers to expand to the global market. We believe in local security before global trade


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