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Rabiah Coconut Oil

We trade and supply our client an excellent quality range of products in Delhi, India.

Coconut Milk

We trade and supply our client an excellent quality range of products in Delhi, India.


We trade and supply our client an excellent quality range of products in Delhi, India.

About Ngo Products

NGO Products was established in September 2013 with the motive of providing healthy, safe, and the purest products available on the market at affordable price. We started with coconut products, brand name RABIAH. We assure the quality of our products, as we work directly with farmers’ associations and local NGOs that support the farmers. We believe that healthy and nutritious food must be a human right, and small holder farmers must be valued as eco-system managers on whom food systems rely. We educate people about the pure quality of health beneficial products and make sure to deliver them to the market.



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I get the best result for my skin by using rabiah coconut milk & face body lotion. I use it twice a day after washing my face and its results are extremely good for me. It gives me glowing and soft skin. My skin gets smoother after using the lotion.

Rupinder Kaur (Jalandhar)/h5>

Virgin Coconut Oil has no odour and shows results instantly coconut milk soap is very moisturizing and soothing for the skin body lotion has a soft texture hair feels so soft with the coconut shampoo and conditioner coconut milk is very natural coconut chips are a healthy snack

Dr Jatin (Jalandhar)

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What is social enterprise? + -

There are multiple definitions of social enterprise. The key component of whichis the combination of financial sustainability and scalable social impact. Read More >>

The inception of NGO Products was based on the premise of delivering food with health benefits to the average customer to prevent most common chronic diseases. After some research, the choice has fallen on coconut products. Read More >>

According to the development aid agencies, i.e. the UN Human Right Council, UN Food and Agriculture Organization, 'food system is broken and unjust' (UNCATD). Hunger and malnutrition are linked to social and economic inaccessibility to healthy and nutritious food has a global scope; concern about rise of food prices and nutritional deficiencies are alarming. Read More >>

- Choosing foods that come straight from the source or claim transparent intermediary
- Buying locally produced food (closest proximity), support free trade products, handmade value additions Read More >>

At market fairs, we often hear: If it is organic food, why is it so cheap? We hear similar feedback from other social businesses that work with framers directly and serve the average customer. Read More >>

Up until1950, world lived in small sustainable communities. In late1960s, new agricultural strategy ‘Green Revolution’started in the West and spread globally to increase yields to overcome ever growing chronic food shortage. Read More >>

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