Our Plans

Our Plans

RABIAH cares the hope to see India reconnect once again with its inner wisdom and pave the way for the world to challenge environmental degradation and socio-economic problems. With this premise, we are committed to launch a new social venture Getting India Back on Track. We are a for-profit business, yet our vision goes beyond business and its social impact. We are dedicated to build a momentum for a nationwide movement to bring awareness about challenges our urban and rural communities face, and search for solutions in collaboration with multiple partners from private, public, and social sectors.

In this framework, in fall 2017, RABIAH is launchinga new venture to increase the support to farmer's societies by diversifying the variety of healthy foods and broadening the scope of engagement on the ground, reinvesting in societies and delivering government schemes and programmers. To begin, we focus on Food Security and Nutrition, and Sustainable Agriculture.We envision interventions like Sanitation, Health and nutrition, Water management be integrated in our programmers. As a business model, we target eco-friendly grown staple crops, value added foods, and artisan products.

We plan to engage with30 farmer associations- self-helps groups, women cooperatives, and producer companies-in five states in the course of one year. We will identify 4-6 communities strategically placed in various states for a long-term community development interaction.

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