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Our Mission

Our mission is to transform chemical mono-crop farming, emphasize the importance of smallholder farmers, connect them to the market to mainstream healthy food for all, particularly in India, by:
- Supporting economically viable and sustainable farming reconnected with natural systems
- Ensure good quality by procuring directly from farmers, at fair price, and deliver cheaper healthy food to consumers using direct sales without interference of middle man
- Changing consumer awareness about the food system and healthy, nutritious foods
- Emphasizing local food security before global trade

Our Vision

We dream of a transparent just food system where small-holder farmers are supported and viewed as ecosystem managers and land stewards on whom the food systems depend, and where everyone has access to clean, free of chemicals, highly nutritious, ideally locally grown, food to ensure physical, mental and dignified life free of fear

Our Value

- To work with the purest quality healthy and highly nutritious products to be available to average person, ensure fair price for consumers and producers
- Not to serve interests of large commercial companies
- Never take advantage of situations or people to deceive, cheat or exploit
- To fulfill smallholder farmer's needs
- To learn good practices in agriculture, business, social and environmental solutions and spread them within the circles of our influence
- To work in collaboration with private, public and social sectors following principles of respect, integrity and transparency


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